"…For you it will be spiritual, for them instead it will be idiocy.

…And when white people will try to do the same and allow themselves to use the coca leaf as you do, the opposite effect will happen to them…

Its juice for you will be the life strenght, for you new rulers instead it will be a repulsive and degrading vice.

While for indigenous people it will be healthy spiritual nourishment, to them it will cause idiocy and dementia.

…I die now, and anybody, who reveals this secret will die too."


Gaudium is a TV series projects. At present, a pilot of 52 minutes is ready to be filmed. However, the whole project comprehends 6-8 episodes per season, for a total of three seasons. We chose this format for the high possibility of economic success both for investors looking for low investment risks and for brands interested in product placement, to gain high visibility. The fund-raising process will include the launch of subscriptions in platform like kick-starter and in the Indiegogo.

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Maurizio Mistretta

Born in Florence (Italy), Maurizio Mistretta has been writing, directing and acting in theatre and multimedia plays for the past 20 years. At present, he is the director of the Bangkok Italian Film Festival, actor/director in Mistrettatheatre and part of the Mistretta-Ferrin-Cieli theatre group ( His extensive career began in Bologna at the Conservatoire of theatre and continued working along several significant masters in Italy, followed by a long-term role inside the Pisa Prison as art director directing a company of inmates-actors (1993-2001). Further works include projects with public and private schools in Italy and Thailand (1990-2008). In 2001, he started a cooperation with Rai (Italy’s state television), producing a documentary about theatre in prison: “Pisa’s Towers”. In 2004 he created a multimedia production, "Black Jealousy", linking movie and theatre languages from Shakespeare’s Othello, merging five short videos with the duration of 4-5 minutes and creating a stage production with an added contemporary touch. The mix of multimedia and live stage performance allowed the audience to connect with the main characters on stage in a more intimate way. From 2000 to 2006 he organised, in cooperation with UNICEF-Bangkok, workshops in several Thai Correctional Houses and produced a video documentary "Pinocchio in Siam" (Melampo Documentary Production, La7 TV, 2007).

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Sandro Calvani

Sandro Calvani is the Senior Adviser on Strategic Planning for the Mae Fah Luang Foundation (under Royal Patronage), Bangkok, Thailand. He dedicated his entire professional life to studying innovation, creativity, the effective methods of change management, conflict management and prevention. In countries where he worked, Calvani has given priority to strengthen freedom and justice that he considers the two greatest expressions of individual rights and collective rights.

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Niccolò de la Fère

Niccolò Bordin, alias Niccolò de la Fère, was born in Montebelluna near Venice (Italy) in 1984. He became interested in literature and film at a very young age. After attending high school, he enrolled at the public college for performing arts in Padua, where he improved his technical skills in cinematography and storytelling. He then began his collaborations for feature films, commercials and music videos, some of which got aired on MTV USA. In 2015, Niccolò moved to Asia where he currently works between Thailand and Japan, in the TV and film industry, producing significant promo and commercial work. In 2017, he wrote and directed his first short film, “Sulla Riva”.

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Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, and it is also the most populated city in the country. Also known as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, the metropolis is located in the Chao Phraya River delta in the central part of the nation. The 2016 population of Bangkok is approximately 8,280,925, which was taken from the most recent census in 2010. This number is up significantly from the 6.3 million recorded in 2000. The city is home to over 13% of the country's total population, and more than 10.6 million registered people were reported to live in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region according to figures from April 2015. Bangkok is considered a primate city, or one that serves as the population, political and financial centre of a country with no other rival city.

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